Art Show Schedule

Thursday6:00pmto10:00pmArt Show & Print Shop open
Friday10:00amto10:00pmArt Show & Print Shop open
 10:30pmtolateArt Show Reception
Saturday10:00amto10:00pmArt Show & Print Shop open
Sunday10:00amto2:00pmArt Show & Print Shop open
 4:00pmto7:30pmPick-Up & Pay
Print Shop open
Monday10:00amto10:00pmPick-Up & Pay

The Noreascon Four Art Show will be in the Ballroom on the third floor of the Hynes Convention Center (the image, unfortunately, shows the ballroom set with tables). It is a huge, carpeted room, with high ceilings, natural light, and drop chandeliers. This will be a "lit" show—we will be augmenting the ballroom's normal lighting with additional light sources. The setup will be similar to those used at MagiCon, LACon III, Bucconeer, and the Millennium Philcon and will have as the core staff the people behind those efforts.

With approximately 350+ panels of flat art, 40 tables of 3-D art, and the possibility of an additional special art-related exhibit, we expect this to be the largest Science Fiction and Fantasy Art Show since MagiCon. The Hynes Ballroom has approximately 25,000 square feet of space—more than enough to house everything.

We plan to award ribbons for exemplary work. The Best Artist awards will be given by vote of the attendees. A panel of judges will give out most of the awards.

Updated [Aug-22-2004] Information for Artists

We've sent detailed instructions to all artists who've been accepted into the Art Show. We're almost full; there is limited table space still available, and we've started a waitlist for panel availability.

Anyone who would still like to sign up should download the following forms and instructions (these are all in PDF format): Art Show Registration Form, Rules, and Cover letter (with sample registration form filled in). Or, you can get the entire mailing in one ZIP file.

You may also email us or write to us for a packet:

Gay Ellen Dennett
Noreascon 4 Art Show Director
P.O. Box 1010
Framingham, MA 01701

The deadline for advance registration for the Art Show was July 31, 2004.

Artist Tables

We will have a limited number of tables available for artists who want to do sketches, take commissions, just talk to their fans, etc. These tables will be located just outside the main entrance to the Art Show, and will cost $20 (Friday or Saturday) or $10 (1/2 day, Sunday) to reserve for a day. Everyone entering or leaving the Art Show will have to walk past them. We also plan to have a series of Artist Demonstrations.

If you're interested in these opportunities, email us.