It takes a lot of people to produce events like Noreascon Four's extravaganzas — and if you're interested, we can use your help. If you're experienced, that's great, but we're always happy to teach people new skills, too. So don't let a lack of experience keep you away!

This is a listing of Tech positions and people filling them for N4. The positions that are filled exist, those that are not yet filled are planned to exist. If you are interested in filling an open position, please subscribe to the N4 Tech-List mailing list and then contact Paul Kraus, Noreascon Four's Tech Director, via it. You can also contact for information on other kinds of volunteer positions that are available.

If you are interested in working tech at N4, but not in a position of responsibility, then subscribe to Tech-List anyway, as that is how we will be publicizing and filling crew positions as N4 approaches.

Technical Support Management Team
Events Division Head Marc Gordon
Technical Director Paul Kraus
Deputy Tech Directors Aaron "pup" Block
Dale Farmer
John Harvey
Elizabeth Orenstein
This is the top level Technical Management Team. These are the "go to" people for technical support needs. Official Technical Support Services Policies will be enumerated by either the Technical Director or the Events Division head.

Pre-Convention Positions
Draftsman Carl "Z!" Zwanzig
The Draftsman is responsible for maintaining the drawings developed by the Designers.
Designers Sound Joel Lord
Lighting Al *hobbit* Walker
The Designers are responsible for their specific technology, wherever it is needed at N4. The Infrastructure position encompasses all technologies not already covered. Each designer is free to have assistants assigned to specific venues within the N4 spaces.