The Masquerade Noreascon Three

Better than you remembered it because you get a front-row seat!

After only 4 years (a new definition of Real Soon Now) we are very pleased to announce the publication of the Noreascon Three Masquerade tape. It includes all the costumes, all the music and all the color of a Worldcon Masquerade. It runs 90 minutes and has been mercilessly edited by Masquerade Director Suford Lewis to remove all the pauses and blank spots, to combine three cameras together for the best views, to add freeze frames and credits, to restore missing music, and to show workmanship and performance awards.

Also included is an 8-page booklet listing the costumes in order with full participant, design, and construction credits and a complete list of winners.

We gratefully acknowledge a grant from S.C.I.F.I., the group which ran L.A.con II and L.A.con III, to tape events at Noreascon Three. The Masquerade Video Tape was edited using Avid Technology's Media Suite Pro editing system.

Use this order form to order your Masquerade Videotape.

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