50th Anniversary Brunch Noreascon Three

Isaac Asimov is Master of Ceremonies

for Science Fiction's 50th Anniversary Brunch Videotape. Hear him and others speak about their years in the field.


Forrest J Ackerman, Isaac Asimov, Betty Ballantine, Ian Ballantine, Gregory Benford, Emma Bull, Arthur C. Clarke, Hal Clement, Samuel R. Delany, Dave Kyle, Frederik Pohl, Richard Powers, Terry Pratchett, Anita Raj, Mike Resnick, George Richards, Takumi Shibano, Harry Stubbs, Kees van Toorn, Michael Whelan, Art Widner.

Noreascon Three was the 50th Anniversary Worldcon. As part of the celebration, 1300 members of the Science Fiction Community gathered for a 50th Anniversary Brunch. On this hour-long videotape of the event, giants of our community, both fan and pro, talk about what SF has meant to them:

All this and much more, with an introduction and colorful commentary by the incomparable Isaac Asimov.

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