Noreascon I Banquet Speeches

This page allows for download of the Noreascon I Banquet Speeches. These speeches were given at the 29th World Science Fiction Convention in Boston in 1971. These files are the property of the New England Science Fiction Association, which produced that Worldcon and also a 2-record set of 33 rpm vinyl records to commemorate the Hugo Awards banquet.

These files were created as part of an attempt in 2008 to market some of the remaining vinyl sets. Here was the accompanying text:

Noreascon I on a Stick

This USB flash drive [or, in this context, this Website] contains the Noreascon I (1971) Banquet speeches, led by Toastmaster Robert Silverberg. Others speaking that night include Noreascon I Guests of Honor Clifford Simak and Harry Warner, Jr., as well as Isaac Asimov, Lester Del Rey, Gordon R. Dickson, and Forrest J Ackerman.

The Noreascon I On A Stick Flash Drive uses technology unknown at the time of Noreascon I. We do note, however, that memory in the form of IBM punch cards was in common use, so we have provided a conversion comparison below:

Assuming IBM cards were formatted to include sequence numbers (because if you didn’t number your deck and you dropped it, you were so hosed), the actual comparison is 1GB stick to a 1 mile stack of IBM cards.

Don’t you love living in the future?

These files are MP3 format audio files. There is no video.

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