Boston for Orlando in 2001 Fantastic Flamingos of Fandom

[turning flamingo] Boston for Orlando in 2001 is (dubiously) pleased to present a contest to "Share the Wealth, Share the Fun." Magicon 2 wants you. And your flamingos.

Fear not! You're not alone! We're worse, and we want to help.

During Bucconeer, the 56th World Science Fiction Convention, Magicon 2 will host the great flamingo round-up. Flock-up. Whatever.

Bring your flamingernalia; invite your inanimate pink buddies to share your airline berth; lovingly wrap those statuettes, salt and pepper shakers, soap dishes, tubular steel lawn ornaments, tuck them in your suitcase, and smile a secret smile when you board the plane.

Do you think your flamingo is the tackiest, sveltist, most fannish? If we agree and win our bid for Orlando in 2001, you (and your flamingo buddie) will receive a full, attending membership to the 2001 Worldcon. We'll only ask that you drop off your flamingo (with a label bearing your name and the flamingo's name) at our bid table and let us display it at our bid parties.

We'll give it back. In fact, we rather insist on that.

Are there rules? Well, yes.

Any additional rules and information can be found at the Fantastic Flamingos of Fandom World-Wide Web Site (

[spinning flamingo]
Pink flamingos
   in a flock --
Don't they give ya
   fuchsia shock?
Magicon 2: Boston for Orlando in 2001
"Think Pink"

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